Why is that a need for child counselling in Singapore?

When we are small, it is very hard for us to explain what is going on inside our heads. We feel that it is something that is beyond the understanding of adults, and it is something that we should take care of it on our own. But now that we are grown-ups and we know what we feel, and now we can read these sentences and understand the meaning behind them, it is absolutely strange that no one took care of us at that moment. Was there any child counselling Singapore services back then?

We didn’t have parents that would explain to us what autism or schizophrenia feels like. We didn’t know what the world had to offer to us and we didn’t understand what went on in our minds. We couldn’t even explain it to our parents because we felt that it would be very dangerous.

What would happen if we told the adults of our problems?

They would judge us on the topic of discussion, and they won’t understand a single word of what we are trying to tell them. It is better that we pent up our feelings inside and just let go. If you relate to every sentence above, apologise to yourself. You didn’t respond well to your emotions but now it is time that you look after the future generation and understand their feelings as well. You need to go for child counselling Singapore with your child and make them undergo therapy sessions to burst out all the pent up feelings inside them.